Top 5 Reasons Your Target Audience Leaves Your Site during the First Few Clicks

By Michelle Alford on November 6, 2009 in Blogs

Your products / services are perfect for audience, but still they leave without buying anything or without even looking around. Why?

The following is a list of easily remedied reasons why your perfect customer isn’t giving you a chance:

1) Unappealing Design: Despite being told since we were children not to judge a book by its cover, we still do. No matter how well-written, informative, and helpful your website is, if it’s unattractive or appears unprofessional, visitors will assume that there is nothing of value on the site and move on.

How to fix it: If you aren’t a designer, hire a professional to design your website. It may cost more up front, but it will result in visitors who stick around longer and are more likely to purchase your products or services.

2) Lack of street signs and breadcrumbs: Websites are built with an expectation of how visitors will get from point A to point B, but, similar to real life, people rarely follow those defined paths–consider how often people choose to walk across the grass rather than stay on the sidewalks. If visitors arrive at a subsection of your website and either don’t know where they are or don’t know how to find earlier sections, then they will get frustrated and leave.

How to fix it: Make sure your navigation is clear, regardless of what page visitors arrive on. Every page needs to have your company logo, a page header, and an easy-to-understand navigation bar in order for visitors to know where they are on the website. For more complicated websites, you might consider laying out breadcrumbs such as Home>Services>Lawn and Garden>Mowing–this will show visitors where they are now, and how to get to previous navigation levels. Keep in mind that users won’t always be able to just press the back button, so make sure users never find themselves stuck on a page.

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Photo: Ran Yaniv Hartstein