Men and Stretch Marks

By Michelle Alford on May 10, 2011 in Articles

Though stretch marks are often seen as something that only affect women, almost half of men will develop stretch marks in their lifetime—yet men are far more embarrassed to admit that they have stretch marks and more prone to hide the scarring from friends or potential partners.


Stretch marks form when the skin stretches faster than it can grow, causinglower skin layers to tear. For men, this usually happens during adolescent growth spurts, body building, or rapid weight gain. Hormone imbalances from steroid use or medical problems are also a major cause of stretch marks.  The inexplicable formation of stretch marks may be an indication of diabetes,Cushing’s disease, or nutritional deficits.

The most common locations of stretch marks on men are their shoulders, underarms, and chest from body building or their stomach and back from rapid weight gain.

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