Make a Stellar First Impression: Tips on Editing Your Marketing Copy

By Michelle Alford on December 28, 2009 in Blogs

The primary way your customers and potential customers get to know your company online is through your message or the copy. Your website content, newsletters, blog, and even emails should be well written, reflect your brand, and be free of errors.

Regardless of your actual position–whether owner, marketing director, copywriter, etc.–editing your copy is essential if you want to make a good impression and properly reflect your brand image.

The following is advice on how to edit copy for the best final result:

1. If possible, have someone else read your copy. It’s often difficult to find errors in your own text because you’re reading what you think you wrote rather than what you actually wrote. A more objective reader will be able to see the text as it is and find errors more easily.

2. Read your copy aloud to an audience. You hear the words differently when sharing them with someone else because you’re considering what they think about it rather than just your own opinion.

3. Even if you don’t have an audience, it always helps to read your copy aloud. Any time you trip over the words, it’s a sign that you should reconsider the wording and try to improve the flow. This often helps you discover locations where you accidentally skipped a word, misspelled something, or made a grammatical mistake.

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