Is Cell Phone Use Dangerous?

By Michelle Alford on July 5, 2011 in Articles

Since the creation of cell phones, people have been asking whether they are safe to use. Some studies have suggested that there may be a connection between cell phone use and brain tumors, while others believe that the level of radiation emitted by cell phones is not dangerous. Most agree that, while there isn’t yet enough evidence to ascertain that cell phones present a health risk, there are reasons to be cautious.

Cell phones work using radiofrequency and microwave (RF/MW) radiation. This is similar to the kind of radiation used to cook food in a microwave. According to the wireless telecommunications industry, RF/MW radiation is not dangerous unless the intensity of the radiation is enough to heat body tissue. However, because cell phones are still a new technology, there has not yet been significant research into the long-term effects of regular exposure to low-level RF/MW radiation.

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Photo: D. Sharon Pruitt