How to Avoid Injuring your Knee while Running

By Michelle Alford on April 26, 2011 in Articles

With the days becoming longer and warmer, more runners are taking to the streets. Running can be a great way to burn calories, improve cardiovascular health, and relieve stress, but running is also a common cause of knee injuries. The following tips will help you enjoy your summer runs without worrying about injuring your knee.

Choose your footwear carefully: This is not about finding the most expensive or highly rated shoes. It’s about finding the right footwear for you—which for some reason may mean no shoes at all. Carefully test shoes before purchasing them. Make sure that they fit your feet and that they are comfortable to run in. Don’t be embarrassed to take a couple of laps around the store. Wearing footwear that is uncomfortable or causes you to alter your natural gait can result in wear and tear to the cartilage that cushions your knee.

Warm up and cool down: Start each session with stretching and walking before you take off running. This warms up your joints and muscles and prepares them for the run. In addition, you should always have a cool down period after your run in which you walk and stretch again to remove lactic acid from your muscles and reduce soreness.

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Photo: Mike Baird