Hiding and Healing Self-Injury Scars

By Michelle Alford on June 4, 2013 in Articles

Self-harm can be motivated by many things, including depression, anger, numbness, stress, and a need for control. Often times, even after the causes of self-injury have healed and dispersed, the marks left by self-injury do not. These scars can be a cause of embarrassment, insecurity, and shame for those who would prefer to leave an unhappy past behind. Though some scars may never heal, there are steps that can be taken to hide or erase the marks left by self-injury.

The most common type of self-injury is cutting, either on the wrists or upper legs. Other common self-injury types are burning, intentionally preventing wounds from healing, and pricking the skin. These can leave a variety of scar types, including atrophic scarshypertrophic scars, and burn scars.

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Photo: Stephen Depolo