Hate Selling? Legal Business Development Book Offers Great Advice for Any Industry

By Michelle Alford on November 17, 2009 in Blogs

“The best time to begin business development activity is several years ago; the next best time to begin is now.”

A rainmaker is someone who brings in new clients. Though the term is most often used in the legal profession, every business needs rainmakers among their staff to ensure company success.

Written as a lawyer’s tool for business development, The Reluctant Rainmaker by Julie A. Fleming provides helpful insights for anyone who knows the necessity of putting himself or herself out there but is wary of marketing. Fleming offers both broad advice and a multitude of specific suggestions supported by real-life examples.

The book has three major themes:

Plan, plan, plan: Whether planning your entire business development strategy or just which social media platforms to use, it’s important to consider what your goals are, what your acceptable investment-to-payoff ratio is, and which activities will best help you achieve these goals.

Fleming shares the example of a lawyer who spent fifteen hours writing and revising an article, only to discover that it wasn’t the right fit for any periodical. After revising it, he was able to get it published by a journal that his target audience didn’t read or respect. If, instead, he had researched which periodicals his target audience read and respected, studied what kind of articles those periodicals published, and then wrote his article to match those guidelines, he would have had much better results.

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Photo: Clyde Robinson